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August 26th, 2020

The 10 Best Shopify Store Examples That Will Inspire Your Brand

Take your eCommerce store to the next level with inspiration from these successful Shopify stores.

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Shopify is home to over 500,000 active stores, and standing out among so many eCommerce businesses is not an easy task for a growing brand. In today’s crowded market, catching the eye of customers — not to mention retaining them — is harder than ever.

It’s hard, but not impossible, and there’s a lot that a new Shopify store owner can learn from brands that are succeeding. If you’re looking for inspiration to improve your eCommerce site, then check out our picks below for successful Shopify stores that have a “little something special” to capture shoppers.


Ozone Socks

Category: Clothing

Founded in 2000 by Parisian designer Laurie Mallet, Ozone Designs set out to put fun and fashion into their socks and tights. Ozone’s museum-worthy socks are sold all over the world and have been featured in many publications, including Vogue.

In addition to being fashionable and fun, the Ozone Socks website is designed with instant purchases in mind. Featuring both classic and recent collections alongside star ratings and product reviews, the homepage allows shoppers to easily buy socks without clicking through to a product page.

Why It Works:

  • Quick purchase decisions: Offering your shoppers the option of buying your best sellers or your newest releases right from your homepage makes it easier for customers to act on impulse.
  • Building brand trust: Showcasing product photos, star ratings, and customer reviews all in one glance builds immediate trust with your potential buyers. Seeing other customers review your product makes it easier for buyers to find the right product, increasing customer satisfaction and potentially even reducing return rates.
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Then I Met You

Category: Beauty

After spending five years in Korea, Then I Met You founder Charlotte Cho wanted to create a beauty brand that conveyed a feeling of “jeong,” or a deep and emotional connection. The brand’s formulas are clean and free of harmful substances like alcohol or silicon, and the packaging is 100% recyclable and printed with soy ink.

Then I Met You is not only mindful about the environment, but also about its branding and website. As you scroll down the homepage, the experience shifts colors to match the product branding. The images are consistent with the site’s design language, and even the fonts used on the website are identical to the fonts for the actual products.

Why It Works:

  • Immersive experience: Shoppers are immediately transported into the world of Then I Met You. When matching your site with your product and branding, you naturally invite potential customers into your world in a seamless way.
  • Memorable: Good branding creates recognition. When your branding is seamless, consistent, and eye-catching, it’s easy for customers to recall and even refer others to your store.


Big Blanket Co

Category: Home Decor

Big Blanket Co delivers exactly on its promise: the biggest blanket you can find. The bog blankets come in an assortment of colors and textures, and Big Blanket Co has a cheerful website packed with photos of happy people snuggling up with the signature products.

But professional, “staged” photos are just one piece of the puzzle, and Big Blanket Co has an entire section dedicated to Instagram posts from real customers enjoying their Big Blanket. What’s more, consumers can even shop the blankets directly from the posts!

Why It Works:

  • Social proof: These days, saying people enjoy your product is not enough. By showing real buyers enjoying its products, Big Blanket Co is providing social proof that its products are as good as it says they are.
  • Transparency: Going hand in hand with providing social proof, it’s important for a brand to be transparent to its customers. Showcasing Instagram posts from real accounts adds a layer of trust to the shopping experience.



Category: Clothing

With a mission to bring a world of fashion to more women than ever, New York City based CoEdition is the first contemporary marketplace designed to cater to women sizes 10 and up. Home to a plethora of top designers and a vast product catalogue, CoEdition combines a fun shopping experience with useful style guides and tips.

To make the shopping experience quick and easy, CoEdition enables its customers to “quick shop” right from the product gallery pages without having to click away. The experience opens a pop up with all the information a customer needs to consider the item and check out.

Why it works: 

  • Short path to purchase: By letting customers shop right from the product gallery page, CoEdition is shortening the purchase journey. It’s also convenient for browsing customers; if they add an item to their cart, they won’t lose their place in the gallery and will still be exposed to all the products.



Category: Skin Care

Founded by three inspiring women, the Wilding skin care brand is all about sustainability and self-love. Focusing on the ancient Chinese technique of Gua Sha, which means moving chi or energy through one’s body, Wilding manages to blend the modern and the old together into a beautiful, eco-friendly package.

But not everyone is familiar with Gua Sha or chi, and the Wildling founders provide a dedicated tutorials page, as well as “how to use guides” on every product page. The guides are incredibly detailed, explaining how the products are made, how to use them, and what effect one can expect from using Wilding products.

Why It Works:

  • Transparency: Customers will feel more comfortable buying products if they understand the ingredients and processes behind them. This is especially true when it comes to skin care, since many shoppers may have healthy skepticism about new products online. Giving them an honest and clear view of Wilding’s products is key.
  • Brand trust: Showing potential customers how to use Wilding products can instill trust in the brand. Customers get to see how the product is packaged, how it looks in real life, and most importantly how they can make the most out of it.


Lowland Kids

Category: Clothing

Lowland Kids started as a small DIY business from a mom making clothes for her kids. But as the business evolved, it quickly became clear that kids clothing patterns on the market were substandard, and Lowland Kids began making its own unique patterns as well.

A DIY clothing store dream, the Lowland Kids website offers shoppers the option to shop for their own patterns and fabrics to match. Lowland Kids offers smart product filters that allow shoppers to find patterns not only by pattern type, but also by sewing skill level and size.

Why It Works:

  • Simplicity: People can get overwhelmed by too many choices, and offering granular search options can make it easier for shoppers to navigate to the right products. If shoppers feel comfortable on a website, they might feel more inclined to make a purchase.
  • Customer lifetime value: Shoppers can scale up in product difficulty as their skills grow, which makes Lowland Kids an appealing option when customers are ready to try something harder. This dynamic also encourages shoppers to equate that sense of accomplishment with the brand itself.


Beard Octane

Category: Grooming

Handmade in the US, Beard Octane is proud to highlight its connection to real blue-collar workers and first responders through the years. The brand promises high-quality products and a personal connection to shoppers, should they run into issues.

Aside from giving customers access to product reviews and ratings right on the homepage, there’s also a section full of educational articles about grooming that don’t focus on the brand and its products. Beard Octane is giving its customers more than just a shopping experience; it’s opening a window to all things beard.

Why It Works:

  • Brand awareness: Encouraging customers to learn from the site can make them feel like Beard Octane brand is offering them something that is more meaningful than a product.
  • Returning customers: Publishing content that has broader appeal than the product line turns Beard Octane’s website into more than just a store, and people might return to it to learn more.



Category: Skin Care

As a dermatologist, Dr. Heather D. Rogers was unhappy with the products that were available to her patients, so she decided to create her own. The Restore skin care line has a range of everyday essentials that come in sustainable packages.

But buying skin care online can be scary when people aren’t sure what they’re actually buying. The Restore shop addresses this issue by simply laying it all out in the open. Each product page not only features information about the ingredients, but Restore also includes details about the testing stages the product went through. Customers can also watch a video of Dr. Rogers talking about the products.

Why It Works:

  • Transparency: It is very important that customers know what they are buying. Detailing the ingredients or materials used to create the product helps Restore’s customers make an informed decision and feel satisfied that they won’t regret the purchase later.
  • Creating trust: By being transparent about its products, Restore is instilling trust in its brand. People respect honesty and are more likely to buy from a brand that has nothing to hide.


Leotard Boutique

Category: Children’s Clothing

This boutique specializes in leotards, skirts, and tights for kids, with a seemingly endless selection of cuts, fabrics, and styles. The Leotard Boutique makes it easy for customers to navigate with filters that can be directly accessed in the navigation bar on the homepage. Customers can look for clothes based on style, color, and even season.

Why It Works:

  • Customer-focused: Easy and intuitive navigation is incredibly important. The easier it is for customers to find what they’re looking for, the more likely it is that they’ll follow through with a purchase. If the search is too convoluted, customers might bail.



Category: Supplements

Elixinol offers a range of hemp-based products, and with over 25 years of experience, the brand is committed to educating shoppers about the benefits of the hemp plant. Elixinol’s products don’t have any chemicals or synthetics, and the website is full of useful and educational information to help shoppers find the right product for their needs.

With the understanding that not everyone has the time (or will) to go through heaps of information, Elixinol is giving its customers the ability to filter products based on their individual needs. No hassle and no overload of information; just a straight path to purchase that has the shoppers’ best interests in mind.

Why It Works:

  • Fast and easy shopping experience: By allowing shoppers to filter products based on their needs directly on the home page, Elixinol is shortening the path to purchase.
  • More than a brand: By providing information about not only the product but also the background on its ingredients or the brand philosophy, Elixinol is creating a level of credibility with its customers. Creating resources that go beyond the products can make customers feel more confident when shopping.
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As these 10 successful Shopify stores illustrate, there are many factors that will make your store a success. Ultimately though, it all comes down to creating an amazing experience for your customers. Many brands turn to Yotpo to help them create these experiences that result in supercharged sales and marketing. Click here to learn more about Yotpo and 10 other apps that can help your store shine, or get started with Yotpo here.

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