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4 Bold Strategies to Increase Sales
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The eCommerce world is crowded – You’ve got to be bold in order to survive.

There’s always someone selling the latest and greatest product out there, so how do you make sure you’re standing out from your competitors?

There are tons of strategies to increase sales, but the vanilla ideas won’t get you ahead…

You need to be willing to take risks.

Here are 4 bold strategies to help you increase sales.

They may take gut and grit, but they’ll get results.

1. Create A Kick Ass Landing Page…or Die Trying

If someone doesn’t know what you’re selling within the first 5 seconds of visiting your site, you have a problem.

And the hard truth is that the majority of sites have lame or so-so landing pages.

Here’s the 3 golden rules of killer landing pages:

  • Clutter is your enemy: A cluttered site is distracting to the eye and will take away from your awesome products.
  • Stop rambling: Information should be clear & concise
  • Pay attention to visual merchandising: few things make your product less appealing than a blurry image: Don’t waste your time on low-quality images

As the saying goes, kill your darlings. As much as you may love your pretty landing page – pretty gets you nowhere in eCommerce. You need to catch your visitor’s attention – and you have very little time to do so.

You could have the best products in the world, but if no one can find them, no one can buy them!

Take a look at Death Wish Coffee.

The second you land on their site, they grab your attention. You know exactly what they sell and how much it costs.

Bonus points for clearly displaying their promotions, contact info and on-point branding.


2. Run Crazy Promotions

From “Buy one, get one free” sales to product upselling to quantity discounts, great deals are one of the easiest ways to increase sales.

Large retailers use discount tactics all the time to get customers in the door.

Once inside, they’re likely to stick around and see what else you have to offer, leading to increased sales and return customers.

Too often, small to medium sized brands are scared to take after the big brands and offer really crazy discounts. They stick to tame deals, like 10% off or free shipping over a certain amount.

But in order to convert those first visitors and increase your eCommerce conversion rate, you’ve got to offer some insane discounts. sale signs

3. Tell It Like It Is – Even When It’s Bad

You already know about the huge impact user-generated content can have on your brand.

From reviews to user-generated customer photos to social curation, your credibility and sales have the potential to skyrocket when your customers trust you.

And one of the best ways to add trust to your brand is to show that you’re liked by real people and aren’t hiding behind branded copy written by your own company.

You can let your products speak for themselves by showing real customer ratings and reviews.

These could be the tipping point for someone who’s waffling over a purchase.

But showing reviews means you also have to have the guts to show negative reviews – too many stores are scared to display negative reviews because they believe it will decrease sales and turn customers away.

That’s not true at all!

They actually show consumers that your reviews are authentic and make the positive reviews more believable.

Some people even seek out negative reviews to read to make sure they have reasonable expectations.

And some businesses really take this up a notch, like Botto Bistro who begs customers to leave them bad reviews…

Screenshot 2016-08-10 10.32.48

4. Motivate Through Scarcity

Have you ever been looking at flights and a pop-up appears letting you know there’s only four seats left on the plane?

flight 2

Or, have you ever been booking a hotel room and seen a counter on the page letting you know how many other people are looking at the same room at the exact same time?

hotel 2

I don’t know about you, but whenever that happens to me I always feel the urge to book quickly before it’s gone.

This is a great tactic that anyone can use in their store and that could give your customers that little nudge they might need to make a purchase.

TeeTurtle has had some awesome success with this tactic.


They feature limited time offers at the top of their homepage, showing everything from sale prices to a pre-order availability.

Additional options for communicating scarcity are displaying your stock levels on product pages (no one likes to miss out!) or using a countdown timer to let shoppers know when sales end.

The general rule is that the more scarce an item appears, the great perceived value it has, which leads to a stronger desire for shoppers to own it.


If you’re serious about increasing your eCommerce sales, it’s important that you don’t play it too safe.

Live on the edge – big changes get big results.

Melanie Fatouros
Melanie Fatouros,
Melanie is a content marketer at Bold Commerce and a reality TV aficionado.
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