Lindsay MacDonald
Content Manager @ Yotpo
May 13th, 2020

Collect More User-Generated Content with SMS Review Requests

Brands can now collect customer reviews, photos, and videos directly via SMS.

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Today, almost all (98%) shoppers say authentic reviews are the most important factor influencing their purchasing decisions.

Brands that collect user-generated content (UGC) and leverage it across their marketing channels drive more engagement and boost conversion; on average, having ten reviews on a given product can uplift conversion rates by 53%.

To shorten the path to purchase, it’s essential for your brand to collect as many reviews across each of your products as possible. But, how can you convince your customers to leave more reviews and snap more photos when they’re making dozens of purchases a month?

By making it easy and efficient to submit content directly on the channel they use most: SMS.

We are thrilled to introduce SMS Review Requests, enabling our customers on Shopify to collect product and site reviews and visual user-generated content, including customer photos and videos, directly via SMS. 

High SMS engagement means more high-quality content

As the buyer journey becomes increasingly omnichannel, brands need to engage customers on their terms. With SMS Review Requests, your brand can reach shoppers where they want to be: on their phones. 

The average consumer spends over four hours a day on a mobile device, and they’re actively engaging with content during that time. In fact, 98% of all SMS messages are opened, and 56% of consumers prefer to share product feedback with brands directly through SMS.

Now, brands can request reviews and ratings via text, capitalizing on SMS’ high engagement rates and mobile-optimized experiences. For customers, it’s easier than ever to submit a review via the channel they’re already the most active on — SMS Review Requests see a 66% higher conversion rate compared to reviews requested via email.

To create seamlessly on-brand mobile experiences, SMS Review Requests are fully customizable. Match your review requests to your brand’s unique look-and-feel, and add discounts, gifs, emojis, and more to drive engagement from each and every shopper. 

Build an SMS audience that turns purchases in feedback

In order to leverage the power of SMS Review Requests, your customers need to opt in and provide contact information to receive texts from your brand. 

With Yotpo, you are able to choose from seven innovative and compliant subscriber tools, including on-site cart checkout, customizable subscription forms, and social keywords, so you can quickly and easily build your SMS audience, engage your mobile shoppers, and collect even more influential reviews and visual UGC.

By leveraging Reviews & Ratings and SMS in Yotpo’s all-in-one eCommerce marketing platform, brands can quickly and easily reach more shoppers where they want to be reached. Request reviews via both email and SMS to collect more content while catering to every shopper on their preferred channel.

Health and wellness brand Love Wellness leverages SMS Review Requests to send impactful, personalized messages encouraging shoppers to leave reviews, helping the brand drive engagement and maximize customer lifetime value.  

“Yotpo’s eCommerce marketing platform pulls together key technology levers we use to collect the inspiring customer stories,” said Lauren Bosworth, Founder & CEO of Love Wellness. “We’re impressed by the initial engagement and ROI we’re seeing with SMS Review Requests, demonstrating the need to meet our customers where they are.”

How do I get started?

To help brands get started with SMS marketing, we’re waiving our base fees for our Powerhouse packages for existing and new Yotpo annual customers for a full year, and we’re heavily discounting the base fees on more advanced packages. Get started here

To learn more about SMS Review Requests, see our support article here.

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