Jeanie Dunn
Content Manager, SMS @ Yotpo
August 18th, 2021

Get complete visibility into your SMS performance with actionable insights that will accelerate your growth.

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In order for any SMS program to reach its full potential, brands must first understand how the channel is performing — you need readily available data and insights that tell a story, enabling you to define your successes as well as your setbacks, so that you can forge more meaningful connections with customers to increase CLTV and maximize revenue.

Ask yourself, which collection tool is driving the most subscribers for my channel? How much revenue is coming exclusively from my abandoned cart flows? How much engagement did I get on the first text message, compared to the second? If you don’t have the insights to answer these types of questions, your brand might be missing out on key growth opportunities for your SMS channel.

Yotpo SMS & Email offers the most advanced text message analytics available — including a brand new dashboard with flexible, dynamic report generation, subscriber collection insights, and fully configurable attribution and UTM settings — to keep you informed about your SMS performance and transform the way you communicate with customers.

Here are six ways to power your SMS program with our reporting and analytics tools.

1. Refine on the go with real-time data

SMS marketing is fast and convenient, and your data should be too. With data at your fingertips that updates in real time, your brand can know in an instant which strategies are most (or least) effective and pivot toward the stronger approach for maximum efficiency.

As soon as you schedule an SMS campaign or flow with Yotpo SMS & Email and start sending messages, you can start tracking performance. Our dashboards give you full visibility into key SMS metrics — such as clicks, conversions, revenue, and spend — so you tweak and refine your approach on the fly.

You are not tied to your dashboard, either. To better identify trends across all of your messages, leverage our Reports tool. All of our reports, from subscriber growth to campaigns and automations, are downloadable, so you can analyze the results on your own terms or share them with your team to strategize together.

2. Understand performance across the customer journey

Comprehensive analytics for every touchpoint help to strengthen customer connections and increase engagement. Gain visibility into the moments when customers drop off and re-enter the buyer journey. Which messages prompted your highest (and lowest) conversion rates, and why? When were these messages sent? Because SMS nurtures shoppers before, during, and after purchases, your brand can leverage performance analytics to understand when your customers are most likely to engage, and when the messages just aren’t resonating.

However, what works for one customer might not work for another. You can also rely on your data to segment your audience and tailor your messaging to each customer’s unique preferences. With deep analytics like these, you don’t have to guess when and how to target them — the proof is in the numbers.

3. Get full transparency into your SMS investment

It’s not just important for your brand to know whether or not a text message is resonating with your customers — it’s also essential to know that every message is a worthwhile investment.

Our industry-leading reporting functionalities enable you to track and measure the true cost of your text messages against the revenue you earn, giving you a complete picture of your spending for every campaign and flow. This way, you always know the true impact of SMS on your ROI.

4. Know where your subscribers are coming from

Subscriber collection analytics are fundamental as you grow your list, as they show not only where your subscribers are coming from, but also how effective each of your subscription sources are. With our subscriber collection analytics dashboard, you get a bird’s-eye view of your SMS subscriber growth, including drill-downs on every subscriber collection tool you’ve enabled.

View your total all time subscribers and unsubscribers, or break them down by source to better identify which tools get the best results. Does your on-site pop-up see more conversions than your dedicated landing page? How have your on-site collection tools performed compared to off-site since adding social opt-in?

See the location of every subscriber too, and find out exactly how many you have per country. You can monitor the growth rate of these subscribers over different time periods to understand how your program is expanding — and where.

5. Easily track SMS in parallel to your other marketing channels

With so many channels driving your marketing initiatives, it can be challenging to keep track of results, especially with the mobile consumer’s complex customer journey. You need to be able to attribute revenue across all of your active channels in order to improve your strategy for future campaigns.

That’s why our SMS attribution model aligns with the logic used across your tech stack — with attribution based on last viewed and last clicked to ensure tracking results across all of your channels is simple. When you send an email and a text about a sale, for example, you’ll know which channel was the ultimate driver of purchases. You can use these insights to determine which communication channels your customers prefer for each type of content, and leverage that information for future messaging.

We’ve also added more flexibility for brands, allowing you to configure your attribution windows and UTM parameters to whatever makes sense for your size, strategy, and reporting efforts. These advanced UTM settings even allow you to seamlessly track revenue outside of Yotpo SMS & Email through third-party tools like Google Analytics for a more streamlined approach to your marketing efforts.

6. Define your winning strategies with A/B testing

SMS analytics will provide you with necessary insights into your text marketing performance, but the value doesn’t stop there. Combined with powerful A/B testing, your brand can clearly define your winning SMS strategies, plus optimize for the success of your channel.

Look for messages where the click-through or conversion rates are much lower than your goal, and consider what can be improved — is the copy compelling and personalized enough, or will the text message be more engaging if you add an image or a stronger CTA? A/B test the two variations of your message and our platform will track their performance to determine which is more effective.

Once you have your winning message, you’ll have data-driven proof of the content your customers prefer, so you can adapt it to future campaigns. Over time, A/B testing (and the subsequent data it produces) will enable you to turn those winning SMS strategies into a winning SMS program.

We love the A/B testing capabilities, being able to test engagements and instantly roll out the top-performing message by using numbers to back up what our customers like vs. what they don’t like.

— Tyler Prone, Director of Growth Marketing, Parks Project

To build the most powerful SMS program, choose a platform with the most advanced analytics.

Yotpo SMS & Email gives you complete visibility into your SMS performance with actionable analytics that enable you to accelerate your growth. Gain insights into the most crucial aspects of your program — your text messages, subscriber list, and overall investment — over any time period you choose, so you can optimize every customer engagement on the go and effectively grow your business.

Want to learn more about how Yotpo SMS & Email’s reporting and analytics tools can take your SMS program to the next level? Request a demo here.