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Doug Baltman
Product Marketing @ Yotpo
December 12th, 2016

Now you can use customer photos to create high-converting pins that drive Pinterest traffic directly to your product pages.

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The Opportunity

Pinterest is where shoppers go when they want to buy something, but they’re not exactly sure what they want.

According to Pinterest, there are 150 million active users, and 93 percent of them say they use it to buy new things.

Unlike that of other social networks, Pinterest users prefer to follow brands, not celebrities. That means it’s the ideal place for brands to communicate new products to, and engage with, customers.

In an effort to engage and convert this high-intent group, brands frequently Pin product pictures with the goal of having their products show up at the top of search results.

With so many companies pinning staged product pictures, brands need a way to stand out from the crowd.

If only there were a compelling image in the search results to capture shoppers’ attention and increase traffic and sales.

The Solution

Yotpo’s Visual Marketing Suite now includes Push to Pinterest, the option to easily Pin authentic customer photos to any of your Boards.

With Push to Pinterest, you can first curate and gain the rights to your customers’ Instagram photos and you can also encourage them to upload photos along with their reviews. Then, you can Pin the best photos to any and all of your business’ Pinterest boards in just two clicks.

Push to Pinterest is fully compatible with Product Pins & Buyable Pins. These Pin types provide more product detail to shoppers and encourage more conversions.


What it Means for your Business

Your brand will stand out in Pinterest and you’ll drive even more traffic back to your site. Photos taken by your customers are more relatable than professional ones, and have a clear impact on engagement, traffic and conversions.

Traffic from Pinterest links are fully trackable from within the Yotpo dashboard. That means you’ll quantify the results from UGC Pinterest Pins, and maximize performance by identifying and Saving top-performing photos.

Lastly, your omni-channel strategy for social marketing will be more comprehensive. You can post your best customer content to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more to engage your digitally native customers.

Push to Pinterest is available on select packages as outlined on our pricing page.

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