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What Type of Photos Increase Online Sales & Conversion Rate? [Data]
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Last week, we studied data on the most influential type of user-generated content.

And we learned something interesting:

While customer reviews are still the most effective form of UGC, visual content is coming in at a close second.

We know customers are wary of branded ads and want to base their purchase decisions on more authentic content.

But we wanted to find out just how important customer photos are for increasing sales.

For stores that want to know how to increase online sales & conversion rate, the results are massive.

Here’s what we learned from surveying 1,000 customers:

Chart: what type of photos increase conversion rate

(1% said neither)

How can you use this data?

User-generated photos are valuable for increasing the eCommerce conversion rate. So you need to start collecting these customer photos and using them in your marketing.

One way to do this is to find images customers are already creating – and what better place to look than Instagram?

As we’ve already learned, Instagram brings the most engaged traffic of all channels.

Also, 30% of Instagram users have bought something they first spotted on Instagram and 72% of customers say seeing Instagram photos of a product increases their chances of buying.

The Instagram data tells us that Instagram UGC photos are becoming more and more important for brands – so we listened and released our newest tools, Social Curation for Instagram and Shoppable Instagram.

Get a free demo of the new feature to learn more:

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