Image Credit: Yotpo Studio
Doug Baltman
Product Marketing @ Yotpo
January 7th, 2018

Vanity Planet A/B tested the effects of adding Instagram photos to its most popular product pages.

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The Company

Vanity Planet sells beauty and health products for shoppers in the know.

They’ve sold well over 500,000 Spin for Perfect Skin brushes, their signature skincare product. But they were curious to see if customer photos could increase checkout rates even for such a popular product.

The original product page for Spin for Perfect Skin was strong. It had a minimalist design, elegant color contrast, and a lot of reviews. With 6% of product page visitors reaching checkout, it was performing well above eCommerce standards.

Here’s what the original page looked like:

customer photos increase checkout rates

The Test

Vanity Planet was an early adopter of Yotpo’s Social Curation feature, which allows you to collect and display customer photos to increase checkouts, conversion rate, and more.

In order to see the effects of adding customer photos to their product pages, Vanity Planet ran an A/B test with Visual Website Optimizer, the authoritative A/B testing software.

They tested the original product page against the same page with customer photos added just above the reviews. These included photos curated from Instagram, as well as photos uploaded by customers alongside their reviews.

Here’s the variation:

customer photos increase checkout rates

The test ran for 10 days, with almost 6,000 visitors tracked.

The Results

The page that included customer photos outperformed the original. Visitors reaching the checkout page from the product page increased by 24%.

Initially 6.56%, it soared to 8.11% — which adds up to an additional $8,900 in sales for the $100 product over a 10-day period!

Why the Variation Won

Authentic customer photos establish social proof and trust for hesitant online shoppers. Today, default product photos aren’t enough. Shoppers don’t trust professional branded photos, and standard product photos don’t capture how customers actually use a particular item.

When shoppers see authentic customer photos from Instagram, they relate to their peers in the images, see the full range of uses for the product, and know that others actually use and love it.