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How to Make Your Customers Happy: 3 Principles to Live By
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It’s a simple formula: appreciating your customers more leads to more brand loyalty.

Paul Greenberg explained it perfectly when he said:

If a customer likes you and continues to like you, they will do business with you. If they don’t, they won’t.

Maintaining and growing a loyal customer base is an ongoing process for any business. Make sure that you are providing your customers with valuable content and keeping them engaged so that you are top of mind when they need something you sell.

Ultimately, a loyal following means more traffic and sales for your brand.

The good news is that staying on top of customer happiness is well within your reach. Follow these key guidelines to learn how to make customers happy, build strong relationships and improve customer retention.

Be Proactive

Customer service is everything.

According to HelpScout, 78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience.

Customer service should not be a reactionary process where you are always responding to angry messages. Instead, it should be a proactive process, where you are reaching out to your customers to build a meaningful and personalized relationship.

A proactive approach to customer relationships builds a customer community around your brand and shows that you value customer feedback.

Companies that are wary of soliciting opinions or content from customers are missing out on an invaluable resource.

Giving your customers the opportunity to express themselves and share their experiences shows that you value their opinion and strengthens their bond with your brand. They feel they have a say in the how the business develops, and you get authentic information from your customer base.

Even negative reviews have a positive impact on your business. Responding publicly to negative reviews is an opportunity to showcase your customer service and show existing customers and new shoppers alike that you truly care.

The person who wrote the review will feel recognized as a customer, and will appreciate the fact that you’ve taken the time to resolve their problem.

Shoppers and past buyers who see the reply will be impressed by your transparency and dedication and will be reassured that they are in good hands with your company.

Acknowledgement Goes A Long Way

The more you give to your customers, the more they give back.

The more you know about your customers, the easier it will be to show your appreciation in a personalized way.

Learn their purchase habits to make your offers as personable as possible, and keep up with special occasions like birthdays, holidays, and other yearly events. These are great opportunities to run special sales, gift personalized coupons or send birthday presents.

Going the extra mile really pays off when it comes to building long-term customer relationships.

For example, Zappos went above and beyond when they bought a pair of shoes from one of their competitors and hand-delivered them to a customer.

UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s even changed the name of one of their products after receiving a letter from a concerned three-year-old.

Customer letter to Sainsbury's

Great example from Sainsbury's on how to make customers happy


Other ways to show your appreciation is to give back–not just to your customers, but to causes they care about as well.

When a customer purchases a product, you can offer to donate a sum of money on their behalf to a charity of their choice. Giving them the choice of which charity to donate to involves them in the process and shows that you value their brand loyalty.

Setting up donation options can increase customer happiness

Gifts, freebies, or even a hand-written thank you notes are simple ways to make your customers happy and show that you appreciate them.

Always Strive For Loyalty

If you’re looking to show value to your customers, you need to keep your sights on loyalty.

Happy customers are loyal customers, and showing your customers how much you appreciate them is a good way to keep them both happy and loyal.

A loyalty program that rewards purchases and engagement helps you understand customer purchase habits and communicate more effectively.

But it’s not enough to just have a loyalty program. You need to develop a customer engagement strategy, and monitor your program and sales to track effectiveness.

You can reward those who are spending by dropping them nice messages to let them know you appreciate their connection to your brand.

Rewards are a great way to make customers happy

Monitoring your loyalty program allows you to see who your most loyal audience is, and whose loyalty is fleeting.

You can then find out why they stopped making purchases and take action to make them feel valued. Never take loyalty for granted.

Takeaways: How to Make Customers Happy

The happier your customers are, the more likely they are to be loyal to your brand.

Never miss an opportunity to learn from your customers. Get to know them as best you can and make sure they know how much you value them as part of your brand community.

Appreciating your customers strengthens brand loyalty, increases sales, and encourages word-of-mouth marketing.

Jordie Black
Jordie Black, Content Marketing Manager at LoyaltyLion
Jordie is the Content Marketing Manager for Loyalty Lion, a bespoke eCommerce loyalty & engagement program. When she’s not writing she can be found at the gym or playing with her dog.
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