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Now Any Business Can Generate Product Reviews
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Targeted Product Review requests let you get product reviews from customers with the click of a button.

Our new feature offers the flexibility to send on-demand product review requests to a CSV of customers without having to integrate with our API. It’s available on our Pro, Powerhouse and Enterprise packages.

The Problem

Some businesses can’t automatically send product review request emails after customers buy products for these reasons:

Technology – Most reviews software companies trigger review requests emails via an API integration. Sometimes the API integration is difficult or impossible to set up.

Offline – Businesses that operate offline, whether wholly or partially, have no way of sending review requests for those purchases.

On Demand Requests – Businesses sometimes need to send on-demand product review requests for specific products or to specific customers. It’s a simple way to enhance review coverage and beef up product pages.

Without product reviews, businesses can’t put reviews on product pages, promote reviews in Dynamic Facebook Ads, use reviews in Google PLAs, or take advantage of a wealth of SEO value.

The Solution

Now businesses can send Targeted Product Review requests using our easy-to-use interface.

It’s as simple as uploading a CSV with Names, Emails, and Product IDs. Then, we’ll trigger product review requests for each entry.

You can take advantage of advanced customization through the Template Editor, higher-converting reviews with Custom Review Forms, and increased response rate with our Outlook targeting tag.

What it Means

It means businesses that couldn’t use Yotpo due to tech challenges can now take advantage of everything we have to offer.

It also means that Yotpo users can get even more reviews when needed.

With more reviews leveraged throughout your marketing, retention and SEO/SEM channels, businesses stand to increase conversion rate in each one.

For eligible Yotpo users, check out our support documentation and then get started. If you don’t integrate with our API, contact your Client Success Manager about importing your products before using the feature.

To find out more about the power of User-Generated Content, speak to a representative from our team by filling out the form below:

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