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4 Free Marketing Tools Worth Paying For
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We’ve been there.

You hear about a new, must-have tool, sign up for a free trial, try it out for a few weeks, but you don’t really see the full benefit.

Yeah, the tool is cool, and sure, it makes your work a bit easier, but is it really worth shelling out money for?

After all, your budget’s tight and you don’t want to waste money.

So you opt for the free version.

With many tools, the free version helps you get the job done just fine, but there’s a reason these tools are called freemium. 

There are some tools that are just worth paying for.

We all have certain tools we swear by, and Yotpo wouldn’t be as successful without the awesome apps and tools that we pay for. We rounded up our marketing team to compile the top free online marketing tools worth paying for. 

1) Best Free Marketing Tool for Communication: Slack

When we were a small startup, it was easy to just call across the office to ask other team members questions. But when we opened up a second office in New York, we realized we needed a better way to communicate. (Plus, it got so loud from the marketing team hollering across the room that the developers complained.)

Slack answered our prayers. While Slack’s free option covers the basics, we couldn’t live without the unlimited service integrations as well as email forwarding, which keeps us from having to check multiple sources for important information.

Slack’s best function – its searchability – works on the free version, but it only stores and searches your most recent 10,000 messages.

It may sound like a lot, but trust us, you’ll reach the limit before long. And you’ll be grateful all those messages aren’t showing up in your email. – Omri Cohen, co-founder & CTO

best free online marketing tools

2) Best Free Video Marketing Tool: Wistia 

First of all, if you have a business in any vertical, you want your videos to drive traffic to your assets (website, blog, landing pages, etc.), but using YouTube, the most popular video hosting site, can actually cause your videos to work against you.

So for starters, Wistia is great because it allows you to have videos as part of an end-to-end business plan and not a separate entity.

Their paid options allow you to have customizable CTAs, which are definitely something worth paying for. In addition, you can divide your videos into chapters, which is ideal for webinars or conferences. 

Through the analytics you can gain amazing and actionable insights about how people are engaging with the video, and you can learn from these to make videos that get the most marketing return. – Pola Zen, Director of Content

free digital marketing tools

3) Best Free Marketing Tool for Planning: Asana

It took a lot for us to get the team on board with using Asana. Old habits die hard, and our marketing team was so accustomed to getting tasks done via sticky notes and emails, that trying to create a centralized system was a bit of a mess.

But after we found a way to use Asana that worked for us, we realized what a powerful tool it was.

We’ve still got a way to go until we’re Asana experts, but we’ve definitely already seen the benefits. The Premium plan is worth it, because you can use it across your company.

The free version is basic, but once you check out the Premium you’ll see what you were missing. Now that we’ve become Asana users, we’ll never go back. – Omer Cnaani, VP of Product & Marketing

free marketing tools

4) Best Free Tool for Designing Marketing Materials: Invision 

Invision offers a free option for one project, but as soon as you start using Invision, you’re going to quickly want more. 

Tons of businesses swear by Invision for their beautiful interface and streamlined design process.

It’s made it so much easier to work across the marketing team on projects because everyone can comment by accessing the project through a link, we don’t all need to have a meeting to discuss changes.  

Also, when working with the product team and developers, Invision allows us to make sure everyone is on the same page.  – Roni Klein, Head of Design

free marketing tools

Do you have any tools you couldn’t do without? Share in the comments below.

Aimee Millwood
Aimee Millwood, Director of Content at Yotpo
Aimee loves hummus and hates misplaced commas.

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