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Feature Update: Template Editor

We’re proud to introduce Template Editors for landing pages and emails, which give you the ability to customize all your Yotpo-powered communications, for Enterprise users.

What is it?

Template Editors now give you the power to fully edit and control the HTML and CSS of all your Yotpo-powered communications.

This includes your Mail After Purchase (MAP) email and the MAP landing page, as well as other communications like Coupons or Comment notification.

Why is it amazing?

Now emails and landing pages can appear as a completely organic part of your brand and can be adapted to meet any goal.

How does it look?

Here are some examples of Mail After Purchase (MAP) emails that have been customized using the editor. As you can see, everything can be made to meet your needs. You can incorporate fancy backgrounds, implement custom headers, add links back to your site, and much more.

MAP Dropcatch Example: Dropcatch   MAP HeyGorgeous Example: Hey Gorgeous MAP Vesternet Example: Vesternet

Keep in mind, while these examples are of MAPs, the same customization can now be applied to all your emails and landing pages such as the Q&A landing page, confirmation emails, and even the unsubscribe landing page.

How does it work?

As an Enterprise user, you’ll see Template Editor show up under Advanced in your Yotpo Admin. (Powerhouse users will still have the option to use the Template editor for Mail After Purchase emails as demonstrated by the examples above. See MAP settings in the Admin.)

Click “Enable” and immediately start editing the HTML and CSS of the Yotpo-powered communications of your choice. It’s that easy!


To choose the Yotpo-powered communication you’d like to edit, just select from the options in the navigation on the left. If you send multiple Mail After Purchase (MAP) emails, they’ll be labeled by the number of days after purchase the emails are sent.

You can also easily and instantly preview your landing pages and emails by clicking the “preview” button.

The only items that need to stay are the form fields themselves, like the review title and body in the MAP, and the footer. These are labeled “readonly” in the editor and are constant to ensure you collect reviews in a trustworthy way.

Anything else?

You’re in luck! Since we’ve added dynamic inputs (see below) to emails, you’ll be able to send the most customized emails out of any reviews solution.

{{user}} – the reviewer name.

{{product_name}} – the products name.

{{store_name}} – your store name. {{store_link}} – your store homepage url.

{{link_didnt_get_product_yet}} – if this email was sent before the user got his product link.

{{order_date}} – the order’s date. {{order_id}} – the order’s id.

That’s it! Get started in your Yotpo Admin and let us know if you make something cool!

If you’re not on our Enterprise plan but want to upgrade or sign up for it, leave your info below and we’ll get in touch:


Doug Baltman
Doug Baltman, Product Marketing @ Yotpo
When Doug's out of the office, he's riding around Tel Aviv on his bike, looking for anything out of the ordinary.
  • Finally! Hey Doug Yo! Yo-tPOooo. This is awesome 😉

    • Gavin Trippe

      Sorry but this is not awesome for enterprise accounts only. This is a basic basic feature and they are trying to get account upgrades for a basic feature most people need.

      • @doug_baltman:disqus @gavintrippe:disqus I think Gavin is already selling a lot for paying the 500 plan… Im using the free… its the greatest mvp. But I think that the plans price structure is not cool. For me the U$25 dollar plan is just the same as free… and then jumping to U$300…. mmmmmmm …… not cool Yotpo dudes… But I still love yotpo 😉

        • Doug Baltman

          It really depends on how many monthly orders you have and what you’re looking for in your reviews solution. We have different plans to meet different users’ needs.

          Very glad to hear that you’re getting a lot out of Yotpo!

    • Doug Baltman

      Thanks Oscar!

  • Gavin Trippe

    So I am paying 500 a month and you put this basic feature for enterprise users only? Seems like I made a mistake coming onto this platform now that new features that should be in the basic feature list come into play only for enterprise users.

    You do understand that all your competitors offer this basic basic feature out of the box and you want customers to be an enterprise user to have a custom template? What a joke.

    • Doug Baltman

      Hi Gavin, this is actually one of our most advanced features, as it involves developer work from the user’s end.

      With your account, you actually have the ability to fully edit the HTML of the Mail After Purchase email, which is the most important Yotpo-powered communication we offer.

      Further, you can customize the look & feel of your other emails from within your settings! You just don’t have full control over the code – that’s reserved for our Enterprise users.

      I hope this helps!

  • Princess Gabilo-Quejayco

    Hi Yotpo. We are NOT happy by the fact that you only make this available for Enterprise. We are in the Powehouse Plan…. this makes my manager think of signing up with another company like Power Reviews once we finish our contract. Your company should understand how important BRANDING is and customization to the exact look and feel that we want… 😡😡😡😡😡

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