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The Little Black Book of eCommerce Marketing Resources

Here at Yotpo, we hate wasting time. And combing through the internet to find relevant and useful content can be a huge time suck.

That’s why our Product & Marketing Team has an extensive internal doc of eCommerce marketing resources that the whole team regularly adds to and uses to quickly pull up great content.

One day we thought, why are we keeping all the good stuff to ourselves? So, we went through our resource to find posts from our favorite blogs and influencers that you probably haven’t yet seen, but should.

Without further ado, the ultimate list of eCommerce marketing resources, just for you.

Data-backed eCommerce Methods for Advanced Marketers

The eCommerce Marketing Metric You’re Not Tracking: Even if you’ve got analytics under wraps, looking at the data differently can point out valuable insights you may be missing. Our friend Sam at Hubspot shows how to find the cold, hard facts underneath catch-all buzzwords like ROI and customer centricity.

Advanced Content Analytics in Google Analytics: On the Moz blog, Jeff Sauer’s advanced guide breaks down exactly how to use content groupings to get the most out of using Google Analytics.

6 Foundational eCommerce Marketing Tactics to Stop Your Bucket From Leaking: Shopify takes an in-depth look at eCommerce store DODOcase to show specific ways their marketing drives results.

75 Infectious Examples of Catchy Marketing: Referral Candy shows how marketing expert Jonah Berger’s theories of what makes things spread have been applied in real marketing campaigns to get results.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Closing the Loop on Abandoned Baskets: LCN shares advanced techniques for identifying and stopping obstacles to conversion.

The Best Email Marketing Tactics for eCommerce Stores You Should Be Using Already

3 Ways to Double Your Revenue With Email. Even the best email marketers have room to improve. Receiptful covers actionable tips for getting more results from your existing email marketing efforts.

How IKEA Sends Super-Targeted Promotional Emails: Ikea has quite a reputation for their awesome marketing. Part of their success comes from their great personalization and targeting. Get Vero explains how to create targeted emails just like Ikea does.

How People Judge You Based on the Emails You Write: Email marketing is awesome, terrible copy is not. In this article, eCommerce Fuel offers writing tips to help you polish up your text before you hit send.

5 Data-Driven Lessons in Retention Marketing from eCommerce Stars: Marketing Land offers a big picture look at how email marketing can be used in engagement & retention.

How to Stay Ahead of Social Media Marketing on Every Platform

Which Social Platform Drives the Most Sales? [Infographic]: We’re big believers that it’s better to be excellent at one thing than mediocre at many. If you need to figure out which social media platforms are most worth your while, this Shopify infographic can help decide where to start.

Advanced Instagram Marketing Tactics to Get a Ton of Followers: A Better Lemonade Stand breaks down advanced tactics for using Instagram benefits to build effective marketing strategies.

10 Ways to Use Instagram for eCommerce Marketing: We couldn’t help but add another Instagram article. After all, it’s one of the most important social media channels for eCommerce. Here, Practical eCommerce’s tips for how to use it smartly.

5 Ways to Use Vine For eCommerce Marketing: Practical eCommerce also shows eCommerce stores how they can leverage Vine for marketing campaigns.

8 Ways Brands Can Add Meerkat Into Their Marketing Mix: Meerkat is new to the scene, but marketers are already searching for ways to use it.  eConsultancy gives their input on how it can be effective.

The Definitive Guide to Pinterest for eCommerce: Even with the recent ban on affiliate marketing, Pinterest is still wildly important for eCommerce stores. Marketing Land’s comprehensive guide can polish up your Pinterest skills.

10 Twitter Chat Best Practices to Build Brand Awareness and Drive Sales: Twitter chats are becoming a powerful way for companies to fuel real-time conversations on social media. Big Commerce explains the best practices for this tactic so brands can harness it best.

Increasing eCommerce Traffic by Growth Hacking Your Way to the Top

A Marketer’s Guide to eCommerce Growth Hacking [Slideshare]: When we ask our users what their number one issue is, they always say the same thing: how to drive traffic to my eCommerce store! With so much noise in our digital world, everyone is competing for attention. Qualaroo and RJ Metrics team up for a slideshare on eCommere growth hacking to help you get more traffic fast.

Traffic-Shaping: The Optimization Growth Hack No One’s Talking About: SEMRush offers a guide to grow eCommerce sales through traffic growth hacking.

The 6 Best Growth Hacks to Get Customers Without Having to Pay for Them: We’re always a fan of free things. Kissmetrics offers growth hacks that won’t break the bank.

Social Commerce Tactics to Maximize Sales

How To Start Your Instagram Shop: Learn how to set-up a Shoppable Instagram version of your Instagram account so followers can easily reach your featured products.

Instagram Marketing Tips: 19 out-of-the-box tips for optimizing your Instagram account by marketing expert Jason Quey.

Pinterest For eCommerce: How It Works and Why You Should Be Using It: See why Pinterest is quickly becoming more vital to social commerce.

How to Sell on Pinterest: our best tips on maximizing sales from Pinterest.

Push to Pinterest: Discover how to increase sales from Pinterest by using user-generated photos in Buyable and Product Pins

Pinterest Marketing Strategy Hacks to Grow Your Business – Implement these Pinterest hacks, and see your Pinteres revenues skyrocket.

Aimee Millwood
Aimee Millwood, Director of Content at Yotpo
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