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Demac Media + Yotpo: eCommerce Benchmark Report [Free Download]
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Conversion rate increases 97% between the first and second site visit, and other actionable eCommerce data!

In the world of online retail, customer retention strategies are a regular topic of discussion, but just how much more are return shoppers worth to your business?

Demac Media’s research shows a dramatic jump just between the first and second site visits – a 97% jump just between those two sessions!

You can find more on that, and other actionable insights in Demac’s Q2 2016 eCommerce Benchmark Report.

Increase Conversion Through Customer Loyalty

For retailers looking to drive conversion, being able to leverage the loyalty of your customers is an easy win.

To do this, focus on implementing marketing strategies that will get customers to return.

Building customer trust through the collection and leveraging of user-generated content is a proven way to get incoming visitors to return, thereby earning you new sales and an increased eCommerce conversion rate.

Returning Customers Spend 2.92x More Than One-Time Shoppers


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Customer loyalty is worth a lot to your business, and keeping current customers is more cost-effective.

Yotpo data shows that only 15% of customers are repeat customers and yet these same customers account for one third of total spend for online retailers.

Marketers spend a lot of time and money on customer acquisition, but little on retention.

Acquisition is important to get a user to visit your store so they can make their first purchase, but the data in this eCommerce Benchmark Report shows that it’s your loyal customer base who are your most profitable resource.

Second Time’s the Charm for Online Retail

Conversion Rate by Session

Building a positive customer experience that draws shoppers back for a second visit can have a dramatic impact on improving conversion rates.

After all, how many times do we make purchases on our first visit to a new retail store?

Want to boost your conversion in 2016?
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Joanna Alter
Joanna Alter, Managing Editor at Yotpo
Joanna is a proud Badger and Connecticut native who loves showing people around Tel Aviv. She is interested in cool SaaS companies, live music and good food with no tomatoes. Follow her @alterjoanna
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