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The Craziest Examples of Brand Loyalty

A loyal shopper is the best shopper.

You can take brand loyalty to the bank because these buyers will keep coming back and spend more on each visit. They will choose you over your competition every time and spread the word to their circles.

While most brand loyalists will prove their love with a Facebook like or consistent purchases, some people will go to insane lengths to show their devotion. From fitness teams to creme-filled snacks, here are the craziest examples of brand loyalty.

Next in line, please

Waiting in line has become something of a fan pastime. Star Wars fans are some of the most dedicated, with one man waiting over 139 days for a premiere.

Rumors began to surface that some fans worshipped before they researched and ended up waiting in line for nearly a month at a movie theater that wasn’t even screening the new film.

Whether fact or folklore, stories like this boost brand PR by showing just how far fans are willing to go for a brand.

The Johnny Cupcakes cult

Johnny Cupcakes has drawn attention for its cult following, which is made up of die-hard fans who camp out for weeks to get their hands on the latest shirts.

Thousands of them have also chosen to get tattoos of the Johnny Cupcakes logo.

The Johnny Cupcake tattoo has become such a symbol the brand decided to release tattoo t-shirts in recognition of all those who have shown their love with ink.

iLove my tech

The fight between iPhone vs. Android or Mac vs. PC goes far beyond a simple debate. Tech enthusiasts show fierce commitment for the products that power their life.

Waiting in line for nearly two weeks for new product releases and showcasing their love with tattoos is just the beginning for these tech-crazed fans.

Waiting outside for Apple products has become an event in itself. Some marketers have even begun to capitalize on it by paying people to wait outside for the attention it draws to their brand.

One 17-year-old Chinese Apple fan has shown getting brand tattoos is child’s play. He sold his kidney just to buy Apple products. Now beat that commitment.

Sporting their commitment to sports

We all know fans are a bit crazy for their favorite sports teams; however, there’s a whole other league of sports dedicates who want to show the world just how committed they are to their gyms and fitness clubs.

Tough Mudder has over 1,000 tattooed fans, and they even offer a free entry ticket to those who choose to tattoo themselves.

Anytime Fitness also has a high number of tatted members, and they encourage the practice by offering to tattoo or reimburse anyone who gets a logo tattoo. Many of them get the tattoos not because of the club itself, but what it helped them achieve in their personal fitness goals.

Creme-filled cultists

When news hit Twinkies lovers that their favorite creme-filled treat may be off the shelves, fans went into online bidding frenzies, not once, but twice.

Each time a threat of losing Twinkies is made, die-hard Twinkie lovers flock to the internet to grab up as many boxes as they can, even if it means forking over $5,000 for a single snack.

Clearly brand commitment comes in all shapes and sizes. Building your brand loyalty doesn’t have to result in insane shows of commitment like this, but it should be a priority.

Brand fans are devoted shoppers and are one of the best organic ways to drive community and word-of-mouth advertising. You can build up your fandom by rewarding loyal customers who show their love.

Additionally, you can offer incentives to motivate public displays of commitment, like waiting in line or sharing photos or posts on social media about your brand.

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