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Best Social Media Sites for Businesses

Visitors to business sites via social media are 10 times more likely to shop online. While many still hand out business cards and concentrate on personal relationships with cliental, it is almost impossible to run a business with no use of social media sites.  Not only is it impossible, it is hurting your business. Brands with highest social media activity increase revenue by 18%! Social media is ecommerce. Here’s the best social media sites for your business:


Estimated over 855 million users worldwide. And over 85% of US retailers have Facebook fan pages.

Businesses can use groups, “likes” and promotions as part of their online marketing.  Shoppers who connect to ecommerce via social media (that’s what we do) can increase business by sharing their purchase history or product searched via personal Facebook accounts.

Facebook is the best social media site for your business (4th most visited site on the internet) and customer relations. Customers can make inquiries via messages, walls or tags. This is a way to directly connect with customers, and increase customer service.


53% percent of twitter users recommend companies via their twitter account and 39% of customers exposed to retailer’s tweets make a purchase.

Twitter is a fast way to post and connect.  It is easy to upkeep (compared to Facebook) and brings in more results. Making connections has never been easier with Twitter.

Important to note that over 83% of twitter users tweet via mobile devices, so make sure whatever you are posting on twitter is mobile friendly. Refer to our recent article on m-commerce.


Over 110 million users including all Fortune 500 with Linkedin accounts.

Is the best way for any individual or business to increase your professional network. While Facebook and Twitter are stronger tools for connecting with customers, Linkedin expands professional connections. Any information you want to publish about your business can be done so professionally. Linkedin is a great platform for sharing your business’s blog, updates and professional connections. Professionaly, Linkedin is the best social media site for your business.


The site accounts for 10% of ecommerce visits…

Newer to the internet and ecommerce, Pinterest eCommerce is growing rapidly in popularity. The site which acts as a “pin board” allows for visual displays of concepts and ideas. The site makes sharing easy and allows for a more interesting ways of connecting and sharing. The site is perfect for visual display like infographics or customer photos. If you  have a visual way of sharing something, this is the place to do it, so take advantage by developing a Pinterest marketing strategy. With the recent integration of Buyable and product pins, you can also sell on Pinterest directly, creating a new channel for sales.

These are the most popular, used and beneficial social media sites for your business. If you don’t have them, now’s the time!

Justin Butlion
Justin Butlion,
Justin Butlion is the Director of Business Performance at Yotpo.
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