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December 21st, 2022

Best eCommerce Agencies for Growing Shopify Brands

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In the last few years, the eCommerce industry has seen massive change. The pandemic undoubtedly helped young businesses experience growth. One side effect of that growth is that teams have been stretched to the max. 

Many growing Shopify brands looked to – and continue to seek – agency and technology partners to streamline their to-do lists and scale their businesses. So, we’ve compiled a list of five successful eCommerce agencies, ideal for this cohort of growing Shopify brands. 

SeaMonster Studios

SeaMonster Studios is a full-service digital agency offering data-driven strategy, design, and development for your brand. They start by examining your tech stack for full vertical integration of solutions from shipping, taxes, customer service, user-generated content, accessibility, and usability. 

Based on their observations, the team then suggests solutions to help your business optimize your site/brand, and use the right tools to realize your vision.

At its core, SeaMonster Studios is all about innovation and creativity. Their team of designers, developers, marketers, strategists, and other digital marketing experts helps brands grow an online presence with high artistry and technical aptitude.

Wes Buckwalter, CEO, SeaMonster Studios


LA-based Betterly.io is a marketing recruiting platform that operates under the motto “Marketing Done Better”. From identifying your marketing needs and opportunities to connecting you with vetted marketers with proven success records, Betterly ensures that your brand scales with just the right talent by your side. 

Their experts are there to help you come up with high-converting campaigns, based on your specific targets and will partner with you to implement strategies to help reach your goals. 

Another big plus to working with Betterly is that they also handle freelancers’ backend offices, so you can focus on the success of your campaigns without worrying about the hassle of freelancing. 

Alexandre Bocquet, Founder - Betterly.io

AMB Interactive 

AMB Interactive is a creative-first email and SMS agency that works with brands at every step of their growth journey. Their client list spans from young mom & pop shops to major brands. Founded in New York by previous DTC brand owners, the team at AMB Interactive knows first-hand what drives the most revenue for every type of business, and works closely with their clients to ensure success. 

Knowing the ins and outs of eCommerce, the agency focuses on email and SMS marketing as the two channels with the highest conversion rates and growth opportunities for brands. They use email and SMS to create deep and meaningful relationships with customers and pay attention to personalization to increase lifetime value through loyalty and repeat purchases. 

They also love good design, so they help brands create interactive sign-up forms that stand out and elevate websites. The AMB Interactive team are also experts in the subscription industry, having worked with numerous brands to increase repeat business and lower churn rate. 

Sticky Digital 

California-based agency Sticky Digital is in the business of “Making Your Customers Stick.” They’re Shopify experts focused solely on retention – taking one-time purchasers and turning them into lifetime brand loyalists. The agency utilizes varying customer journeys via subscription, loyalty, rewards, email, SMS, etc., and turns these efforts into full-funnel customer experiences to bring repeat customers back to their favorite brands.

Sticky Digital’s team prides itself on its conversion rate optimization wizardry and has helped multiple brands from across the Shopify universe improve their CRO and grow their business through happy, loyal customers. 

Nikki Tooman, CEO of Sticky Digital

BMO Media 

BMO Media is an email and SMS marketing retention agency based out of California that specializes in building brand loyalty, lowering customer acquisition costs, and increasing LTV for businesses of all niches across eCommerce. 

As “Your Retention Marketing Dream Team!”, BMO’s talent comes from decades of combined experience in all aspects of digital marketing. With expertise within lifecycle marketing, they know exactly what the founding elements of a growth and retention strategy are, and are able to help you execute them from beginning to end. 

Whether it is reviving an old email campaign, introducing a brand new SMS subscription, ramping up review collections, or customizing a loyalty & referrals program, they make sure your overall topline revenue continues to grow.

It’s imperative for growing Shopify brands to align themselves with the right partners, both on the agency side, as well as the technology side. As eCommerce continues to move forward we can expect a strong shift to a retention-first approach and these are some of the partners who will help your brand get there. 

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