Aliza Polkes
Copywriter & Editor @ Yotpo
April 20th, 2020

8 Ways to Curate a Better Buyer Journey

The linear path to purchase is a thing of the past.

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Traditional step-by-step models have been upended by technology, access, and consumer behavior. Discovery can occur on any device and any platform, and shoppers can bounce between search, social, referrals, and third-party retail.

For brands, this means you need to provide valuable information and resources across all discovery and decision points.

With an omnichannel strategy in place, you’ll be able to meet shoppers with relevant and influential content wherever they are, ensuring a seamless path to purchase. Here’s how to get started:

1. Make reviews easier to filter

Customer reviews are one of the biggest revenue drivers: about 77% of people say that reviews impact their purchase decisions. By adding topic filters to reviews, potential customers have the ability to find the feedback most relevant to their needs.

Bob’s Discount Furniture implemented Yotpo Smart Filters, which enable shoppers to find comments about fabric, size, price, or delivery from within hundreds of reviews. The AI-powered review filters increased on-site product engagement and boosted conversion rates.

2. Send better emails

It’s essential to stand out from the countless emails shoppers receive by upgrading your email marketing strategy. Optimizing your emails is about three things: who, what, and when.

The question of who means segmenting your campaigns based on audience. Your messaging to a satisfied five-star reviewer should be different than to a disappointed two-star reviewer. The more personalized you can get, the better the impact of your email.

When asking what to include in your email, remember that product reviews have a strong conversion rate. Rather than describing your own product, let your customers do the talking. The authenticity of their reviews can have more resonance.

The issue of when refers to the importance of timing. Use behavioral data to find out when your customers are most likely to open and click through.

3. Stand out from the competition on Google

Google Shopping is an excellent opportunity to rise to the top on search. With the right technology in place, your on-site reviews will automatically populate your Google listings, adding helpful information to the search screen.

MVMT had collected more than 300 reviews for their Rosewood Gold Watch. Rather than shoppers needing to click through to their site to see the reviews, the 4.8 stars were prominently displayed on the Google search screen, along with the enthusiastic comments and customer photos.

4. Extend the reach of your content

Third-party retailers can help your brand reach a new audience. However, it’s essential to bring your influential user-generated content along with you. By syndicating your content to top retail sites, you can share your reviews, ratings, and visual UGC with your shoppers anywhere they are.

5. Turn reviews into ads

Your user-generated content is one of the best marketing tools you have. Those five-star reviews are authentic and enthusiastic, providing a real perspective about what it’s like to use your products.

Let your customers be your advocates by highlighting the best reviews in your ads. These personal opinions are very effective on social media — ads made from reviews have a 3x higher click-through rate.

6. Connect with customers via SMS

SMS messages are a great way for brands to cut through the noise and build effective customer relationships. Texts have a 98% open rate and a 35% click-through rate, making SMS a highly effective channel for engagement. 

Your SMS campaigns should informative, engaging, and interactive. Let your customers know when their favorite jeans are back in stock, or when you’ve just released a tee they previously purchased in a new color.

7. Stand out with offline ads

Don’t limit yourself to online: consider ways to connect with your customers offline through subway ads or TV spots.

Away’s 2019 holiday campaign, “Real Reviews Beside a Fake Fire,” is a perfect example of how to showcase social proof in a TV commercial.

8. Close the loop with a post-purchase strategy

The buyer journey does not end after the order arrives. Creating an engaging post-purchase experience is an essential part of increasing customer retention.

One of the best ways to keep your customers engaged after they buy is through a loyalty program, which enables you to create incentives for additional interactions and purchases. Reward customers for actions beyond just the transactional, like leaving a review, following on social media, or subscribing to your company blog.

Want more tips on how to optimize the buyer journey? Download The New eCommerce Growth Model now.

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