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6 Ways To Build Strong Social Commerce Strategies for Mobile
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Are you struggling to gain customer momentum on mobile?

Creating a smart social commerce strategy for mobile doesn’t need to be difficult – but it is necessary.

Whether Tweeting new products or reading customer reviews on their mobile devices, today’s customers desire a streamlined process to purchase items and spread brand awareness across devices.

According to comScore, 72% of the mobile market has a smartphone, and Facebook ranked as the leading mobile app, making Facebook advertisement strategies imperative.

This offers an opportunity for businesses to enhance the shopping experience for on-the-go customers who love sharing the latest trends with friends on social media.

Here are 6 social commerce strategies to engage your mobile shoppers.

1) Integrate Visual Commerce with Shareable Product Videos

Social media is about connecting people, and visual commerce makes that happen. Similar to in-store shopping with friends, visual media like product videos help traveling consumers shop online with their social media following.

According to Invodo, 92% of mobile video viewers share video. Video sharing helps businesses expand their customer reach and increase their brand recognition in the marketplace.

Moreover, with the aid of video and viral sharing, companies can improve conversion rates. reported that their visitors were 144% more likely to purchase after seeing a product video than those who did not.

Bellroy produces great product videos of their wallets and phone cases. In less than one minute, these YouTube videos quickly highlight product benefits and features to the easily distracted mobile user. Plus, they are readily shareable on their YouTube channel.

social commerce strategies

2) Make Smart UX Part of Your Strategy With Social Logins

Poor checkout processes will encourage shoppers to abandon their mobile purchases. Use social logins to streamline the checkout experience and retain the consumer’s attention.

Most online consumers suffer from password fatigue — the act of growing tired of thinking of new username and password combinations.

As a result, shoppers usually abandon their shopping carts or enter false information to speed up the purchasing process.

Social logins help improve the user experience. Using existing social accounts, like Facebook and Twitter, make it simple and convenient for shoppers to login.

A Gigya study found that 64% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 use social login because they dislike spending the time to fill out registration forms.

Pixlr lets its users easily login with Facebook if they don’t want to create a new account.

social commerce strategies

3) Build a SoLoMo Strategy

Consumers desire personalized offers from their favorite brands. Sometimes, those offers depend on location.

Unlike desktop users, mobile customers connect with brands at multiple locations. A smart strategy is to give mobile shoppers the best deals by enabling SoLoMo technology.

SoLoMo is a strategy built on the “convergence of collaborative, location-based and on-the-go technologies.” It allows marketing teams to send push notifications to mobile users based on their locations.

With SoLoMo, your business can deliver customized coupons to individual consumers based on their previous shopping history and social network activity.

Research shows that 75% of mobile users are more likely to take an action after seeing a location-specific message. This opportunity lets companies segment their consumers to deliver personalized deals.

Walgreens is executing digital strategies to improve their customers’ in-store experience. The pharmacy’s app lets customers navigate “in-store product searches, clip and save coupons, and fill prescriptions with a few taps.”

The retail chain wants the out-of-store mobile capabilities to lure more customers to their physical locations.

social commerce strategies

4) Promote Social Gifting as a Share-able Strategy

Social commerce has inspired a new generation of gift givers. Shoppers want to send gifts in a convenient manner without any hassle. Promote social gifting as a solution to your consumers’ needs.

Social gifting lets mobile consumers send physical items or gift cards via Facebook. It eliminates the shopper’s frustration of driving to multiple stores to find the right gift and then standing in a post office line to mail the package.

With portable devices as the primary interface to a consumer’s life, social gifting offers time-saving, stress-free transactions.

Now, customers can easily find a gift online, make the purchase, and deliver the gift through a social media channel.

In 2011, Heinz launched its “Get Well” soup Facebook campaign in the UK. Participants were encouraged to purchase a can of soup for their sick friends.

social commerce strategies

Purchased through the brand’s Facebook page, the service delivered the real can of soup (sometimes personalized with the friend’s name) to the recipient’s address in three to four days.

The strategy of this was to encourage social sharing while making it very mobile friendly for users.

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5) Encourage Customer Reviews

People buy from brands they trust. Trust should be a central part of your social strategy. One smart way to build trust is to ask current customers for reviews. An honest opinion from an actual customer lends credibility to your brand.

iPerceptions reports that 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that has user reviews. This gives businesses another channel to influence purchase decisions.

Why are reviews so important? They offer an implied transparency that establishes authenticity. It gives customers an outlet to tell their unique perspective.

To protect your company’s reputation, make sure the reviews are authentic. Remove all fake reviews, and post all real reviews, even the negative ones. Negative reviews can actually have positive effects on your sales.

Maximize your customer review efforts by asking for reviews on Mondays. (The worst day is Saturday.) Also, rewarding customers for their participation works. Offer a coupon for a review.

There’s power in user-generated content. Reviews helped eCommerce lingerie startup Adore Me top the Inc. 500 list.


6) Use Social Media Share Buttons

Consumers like to share with their social media following. Simply clicking a button to share content makes the process easier. So, add share buttons to your product pages to motivate consumers to talk about your brand.

Business Insider reports that “shoppers who use mobile devices are twice as likely to share content on social networks as opposed to those on desktop.”

Integrating share buttons into your social omni-channel strategy can expand your business’s reach to new audiences and can generate new visitors back to your website.

Use share buttons to highlight mentions on other social media networks. This will help consumers make faster or impromptu purchasing decisions.

Zappos is a great example of an eCommerce store that makes it easy for shoppers to share their favorite bargains with friends. Learn tips from the image below.

social commerce strategies

With the ability to increase traffic, social media share buttons are easy tools to integrate onto your website.

Conclusion: Smart Social Commerce Strategies Convert Mobile Shoppers

As mobile technology continues to develop, optimizing your social commerce strategies will become essential for attracting, engaging, and converting mobile shoppers.

Even though social commerce optimization can be overwhelming, remember to tackle one technique at a time.

By implementing the actionable suggestions above, your business can become a well-run eCommerce machine equipped to give customers the best shopping experience possible.

Are there any other best practices that your company follows? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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