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Content Moderation
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Consumer Insights
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On-Site Display
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Maximize the Power of
User-Generated Content.

Our AI engine gives businesses smarter and faster solutions to collect high-quality customer content, distribute it intelligently across every channel, and analyze consumer sentiment at scale.



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Smarter User-Generated Content, Better Results

Yotpo’s AI engine extracts informative reviews from past buyers and presents review content in smart displays designed to engage and convert shoppers.

On-Site Experience

Personalize the Shopper Journey

Cutting-edge display built for the modern buyer. Make it easy for shoppers to filter reviews and quickly find exactly the information they are looking for.
Focus shoppers’ attention on the most relevant reviews to maximize conversion.
On-site Experience

Display Highlights At a Glance

Increase exposure to social proof on product pages. Display snippets of your most powerful reviews in a highly-visible widget, designed to engage and convert.
Present the right content in the right place, creating a higher converting shopping experience.
Analytics & Insights

Understand Feedback At Scale

Deep learning technology analyzes your customer reviews to help you make better business decisions. Quickly identify key topics customers mention related to your business and products and their sentiment towards them.
Content Moderation

Easily Manage Your UGC

Save time moderating reviews so you can invest resources in addressing customer concerns. Using natural language processing, our AI-powered moderation automatically assigns a score to each review and flags reviews with negative sentiment.

Enrich Your Marketing Campaigns

Boost campaign results by using UGC in your social ads and across your marketing channels. Seamlessly display the most relevant content from reviews into cart abandonment emails, Facebook ads, and more.
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