Adore Me creates an online community for millenials with Yotpo

The online lingerie start up uses customer reviews to improve both the product and the experience by creating a feedback loop that connects the customers directly to the creation team.

Video Transcription

‘Adore Me’ is a disruptive e-commerce lingerie start up based in New York. Our goal is to revolutionize lingerie so that we can create designer, fast fashion, affordable intimates to women of all shapes and sizes. We have grown from a founder with an idea to a company that is the Number 3 fastest growing company in New York on the INC 500 list in almost 3 years. We have over 3 million women in our network, mostly urban millennials. We sell all of our products online and on our mobile app.

Before we started working with Yotpo, most of our customer feedback came from phone calls, emails. So, it was sort of all over the place and we were looking for a review system that had a really good dashboard so that we could see results quickly. Yotpo is fantastic because it’s a really good source of information for our feedback loop. Whenever somebody places an order, 14 days later they get an email saying “Did you love it? Do you need more help? What did you think of your experience?” It’s so easy to leave a review with Yotpo. It takes 10 seconds and people are willing to do it. In that Mail After Purchase email, we actually recommend other products and that’s based on the Yotpo algorithm that selects the best, most relevant item on our site. So, it will suggest that and people will click, go back to the site and make another purchase. If we see a trend in reviews, we will take all that information, all the data, we will take it to our creation team, they’ll look at it and then they will make actual changes with the next order.

Being able to see the reviews from the customers, both negative and positive. It’s always helpful. We are sent a report every week so that we can study them and figure out which ones we can act on straight away and which ones we can work on in the future but we certainly listen to all of them. Without listening to what our customers wanted, we would not have been able to head in the right direction. Listening to their feedback and actually valuing what they have to say and what it is that they want has made us be able to grow as a company much faster and larger than we could have possibly anticipated.

As an exclusively online business, it’s crucial that folks find us when they are looking for lingerie. Yotpo offers the feature of Inline SEO which is scrollable by Google which means that our products will appear when someone is searching for them. As more and more people say, “I love this red bra.” “The lace on this red bra is fantastic.” “This red bra looks great with my red shirt.” It becomes more and more relevant in Google. So it brings us up. One year ago, we were getting about 100-125 reviews per week and now it’s between 600 and 900. A happy customer is a happy company and that comes from the feedback loop. That comes from Yotpo’s reviews, so we can connect customers directly to creation, directly to UX, directly to everybody that’s relevant. So, it’s all about improving the experience.

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